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I count it an enormous honor be a part of this amazing church family. It's a humbling experience to see God at work restoring and transforming lives in our community!

The Lord saved me when I was 9 years old, and later called me to preach at age 14. Naturally, I pursued a theological degree and graduated from West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, CA in 2008. Leah and I immediately moved to South Florida to begin vocational ministry, where we worked with children's ministries for several years. During this entire time, God had Indian River County on my heart. I just knew He wanted us to start a church!

It was an incredible joy to finally sense God's timing to move to Vero Beach in the fall of 2015 and to begin a Bible Study that would develop into our church! 

Preaching is my passion. I'm a fanatic for the Bible! And it's a thrill to spend time in the pulpit, in small groups, and even in nursing homes or other churches preaching God's Message to God's people. The SoundCloud link on the bottom of the page leads to recent sermons that could be a blessing to you!

If I could ever serve you or be a blessing to you, friend, please don't hesitate to contact me!


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