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God's Children are Extraordinary

The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces.

Proverbs 30:28

C. S. Lewis wisely stated, "There are no ordinary Christians."

Think of the most ordinary person you know. The guy whose name everyone forgets. The girl who is practically invisible. We probably know plenty of seemingly ordinary people (you and me included, right?). But take that person in their glorified state - the person they'll be in all eternity - and bring him here to earth, and that ordinary person would seem like an angel! In fact, a glorified saint would likely be worshipped by ordinary people on earth.

You see, God equipped a spider with unique gifts, and no matter how good the housekeeper, no home is without arachnids - not even palaces! Yes, even Buckingham has spiders creeping around in the shadows, and has webs in the attic.

On the outside, we're as ordinary as a lowly spider, but God has uniquely gifted you by His Holy Spirit, and one glorious day we will walk the halls of the King's palace! Don't underestimate the gift that is within you, Christian. Don't allow the world to treat your faith as if it's quaint or antiquated. Because of King Jesus's righteousness, you belong in His Palace.

A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth

him before great men. | Proverbs 18:16

This is an excerpt from a sermon. To listen to the message, click here.

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